Ramy Ayach born in 1980 is the youngest of three brothers brought up in the mountains of Lebanon in a town called, Baakleen. Soon after realising his natural talent for singing and music, Ramy went on to become one of the leading Pop Stars from the Middle East.

Ramy’s earliest achievement was in 1996 at a leading musical talent show in Beirut, ‘Studio El Fan.’ The jury were so impressed with his performance of a song titled, ‘Just for Her’ where he took home the Gold medal and came first place. This hit track spent 8 weeks at the top of the Arabic charts and earned Ramy nominations for ‘Best Song’ in 1997 paving the way forwards with continuous success and growth in the Arabic music industry.

This success was followed by his first recorded album and number one hit in 1997 titled, ‘Raeh.’ Ramy then embarked on his first world tour, performing at over 50 concerts in twelve countries, including: Australia, Europe, and all across the Middle East.

In 1999, Ramy released his first album  ,In 2000 he released "Diwan Al Hobb," In 2002, Ramy set his mark on an International level, by launching his new album, ‘Albi Mal.’ In 2004, Ramy released ‘Mshar Ayni’ that became his most successful album topping the music and video charts for months with his hit title track ‘Mabrouk’ that soon became Ramy’s most famous Arabic song played at all occasions and weddings and continues to be the theme song for all celebrations

‘Habbaytak Ana,’ is Ramy’s eighth highly anticipated music album, released in December 2006. That was described by critics as, "The new sound of the Arabic music industry" in terms of production quality as well as his powerful vocal performance.

In 2009, Ramy has released his super hit track “Elnass El Rayaa” featuring the Egyptian popular artist Ahmad Adawiya”. This hit track reached the top of the chart shows on all radio stations and TVs and was extremely a BOOMING TRACK and “Efrah Fiki” , is Ramy’s latest hit album .

Ramy was the first young artist chosen in 2009 and 2010 to sing in both opera houses in Cairo and Alexandria and was given the tile of “Amir el Tarab”

And he got in May 2011 the title of “Ambassador of youth” for the year 2011 by AUCE university students in Beirut for his achievement and success in the music field.

Ramy got as well too many prizes in all Arab countries such as “murex d’Or” , ART, Middle East Music awards and from too many magazines , radio stations and TV programs  ; the latest was from the Moroccan musicians and he was nominated one of the best Arabic artists in the Middle East .

Ramy’s dream lately came true after he founded “Ayach Al Tofoula” organization in Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco, “Ayach al Tofoula aims to recreate hope in the hearts of the young and less fortunate  and it is hopeful to change, enhance, and provide the adequate attention for children deprived from their rights.